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for local ads.

DeepReach automates digital ad networks (SEA, social ads, programmatic display and audio, map ads) to deliver outstanding performance for local and multi-local advertising campaigns.

The DeepReach AI platform opens new potential for agencies and advertisers through local campaigns.

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Trusted by +250 ad agencies.

From boutique agencies to large communications groups, all developing their local campaign business strategies using the DeepReach platform. 

La Depêche
Midi Libre
Le Bon Coin

Budget optimisation for local targeting

Allocate your advertising budget precisely for each local business, and let the DeepReach AI do the hard work.

Omnichannel, yet local

Articulate your media mix for each location on 

Predict performance before you launch.

Plan your CPM, CTR, or CPL based on your advertiser’s locations, industry and budget.
DeepReach has the data tools to forecast your success.

local ads setup

More campaigns,
less hours.

DeepReach is designed to dramatically reduce media traders' work when launching local campaigns.

Moreover, DeepReach also provide tools for agencies and advertisers to let local businesses order their campaigns, reducing the complexity of selling and operating local ads.

The most popular local campaign tool

used by

Agency managers

Sell more local campaigns and set your agency's performance on autopilot.

Media traders & marketers

DeepReach is your local ads command centre, delivering outstanding performance without extra hours.


Spend according to the local needs of the brand, on all ad networks, which allows your points of sale to be more independent.

Learn about local ads

Ad networks, drive-to-store, testimonials, creative benchmarks, technology...
There are so many topics to explore for advertisers and agencies!
The DeepReach content team will help you ramp up with local marketing.

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and the world’s largest

"DeepReach allowed us to work on a geotargeted strategy for points of sale in a very accurate way and to optimize the budget with media balancing throughout the campaign."

Valérie Piotte
Valérie Piotte
MD - Cosmic
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